“Whoever drinks only water has a secret to hide” (Charles Pierre Baudelaire)

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) privacy code came into force on May 25, 2018 in all the European Union member States in application of the EU privacy decree 2016/679.

The European Privacy Regulation GDPR arises from specific requirements for legal certainty, harmonisation and greater simplicity of the rules concerning the transfer of personal data from the EU to other parts of the world.

The GDPR specifically establishes that:

  • The processing of personal data must take place in a lawful, correct and transparent way;
  • The collection of data must be carried out for specific, explicit purposes;
  • The data controller must keep the data for a period of time not exceeding the achievement of the purposes for which they are processed.

With reference to the protection of privacy and the GDPR, we take care of:

  • Specific GDPR privacy requirements (data mapping and impact assessment/Data Protection Impact Assessment– DPIA -, DPO appointment; electronic register
  • Examination and setting of privacy consents (and collection);
  • Drafting of privacy information;
  • Appointment of data processors and persons in charge of the processing


“I love big parties; they are so intimate, in the small ones there is no privacy!” (“Il grande Gatsby”)

We live in the era of sharing information and profiling lifestyle habits. The collection of personal data is one of the main activities of any company, both as a core business and as a collateral activity and, if correctly acquired, represents an asset of undoubted value. Some precautions are necessary for personal data to be collected and lawfully used. We help you to carry out the gap analysis and impact assessment provided by the GDPR and to set up and manage a complete and lawfully usable database over time, we support you in identifying the specific purposes pursued by the treatment, in drafting the information (in compliance with privacy policy / cookie policy / GDPR), as well as in identifying and collecting the necessary consents.

Our professionals specialized in data privacy law are constantly updated in a sector in continuous evolution.

We provide advice on the right to use and protect personal data both in Italy and abroad. We also deal with relations with the Guarantor Authority for the protection of personal data and issues related to the processing and circulation of data acquired and processed on the web.


“The IT highway will transform our culture as drastically as Gutenberg’s invention of the press transformed that of the Middle Ages” (Bill Gates)

We gained decades of experience in the field of web law: from planning and design support to the on-line sale of product and / or services (e-commerce) or user contact platforms (chat, marketplace, social networks); we deal with the drafting of software contracts and contracts for the management and operation of websites, having regard to consumer protection and data collection across the web (privacy and cookie law). A complex and varied world involving several and interesting areas of law and problematic issues such as: the publication of content, the dissemination of information and the liability of the providers; distance selling and their payments, issues concerning to travelling goods and relevant insurance.

E-Commerce is a fast-growing sector and is a niche market in close relationship with social networks. We assist our clients in drafting the contractual conditions and clauses of the contract concluded online, adapting them to the concrete needs of the parties, and also specifying the areas in which the Right of Withdrawal can operate.

Cyber crime

“Thinking is difficult. This is why most people judge” (Carl Gustav Jung)

We provide advice in the field of consumer protection, in particular, with reference to the risks associated with commercial transactions on the web. We take care of initiatives in order to stop criminal offenses committed through social networks and websites (computer fraud, privacy violation report or illicit use of trademarks / commercial brands).


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