Intellectual property and copyright

“If you can dream it you can do it” (Walt Disney)

We work alongside web masters and software developers, designers and creative persons in every field , in order to help you and to implement your ideas by transforming them into projects and protecting them in the best way possible ; from the most embryonic phase of their conception, to the extrinsic realization in the online and offline world, assisting you in the preparation of the related contracts for the protection, management and transfer of your intellectual property rights. We evaluate, together with you, the best protection to offer to your work in the several steps of presentation and implementation (Non-Disclosure Agreement, unpublished deposits of works and software before SIAE, protection of know-how)
We offer an integrated and multidisciplinary approach in the field of intellectual and industrial property.

We deal with the protection of the intellectual property and, in particular, with all aspects concerning the creation, acquisition, use, exploitation and protection of industrial models, trademarks, patents, know-how, signs, copyrights, domain names, e-commerce, publishing, antitrust law.

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Trademarks and patents

“To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk” (Thomas A. Edison)

We provide advice and assistance on all aspects concerning the protection of the distinctive signs of your business (including company name, domain name and trademarks) and the protection of your industrial invention; an effective protection arises, first of all, from an accurate prior art investigation (prior art), to the outcome of which, we evaluate together the next steps and investments in relation to your actual needs, both at national and international level . We make use of patent consultants with consolidated experience to offer you a complete “turnkey” service, assisting you from the filing of the trademark and / or patent application to its releasing .

We can count on significant skills accrued also outside the national territory, ensuring to solve every issue relating to the intellectual and industrial properties of the company.

We provide an important support to companies for the application, filing, registration, surveillance and renewal of trademarks and patents. We are able to process accurate prior art investigations , also at international level , aimed at verifying the novelty and originality of a potential business brand.

Counterfeiting and unfair competition

“Do not imitate anything or anyone. A lion who copies a lion becomes a monkey” (Victor Hugo)

Together with you, we are looking for the most appropriate business strategy to protect your core business from illegal emulation, unfair competition and counterfeiting.

In case of intellectual property infringement, we assist clients in arbitrations, oppositions, mediation and legal proceedings

Copyright and copyright protection

“A nice silence was never written” (Iacopo Badoer)

We also deal with the protection and filing of copyright, the protection of artistic or literary works, including advertisements or television programs, as well as IT products such as software.


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